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Interactive Heatmap of U.S. ESOPs

How Many Private Company ESOPs Are In Your State? How Many Participants Are There?

ESOPs are found in every state, especially in some of the more populous states and the Great Lakes region. This interactive heatmap of U.S. ESOPs in private companies (the typical home for an ESOP) shows the relative distribution by state. Hover over (or on mobile, tap) a state for a count of how many private company ESOPs it has and how many participants are in those plans. Also explore our complete map of all U.S. ESOPs.

About the Data

The data for this map is drawn from the NCEO's national ESOP database, produced from Form 5500 filing records from the Department of Labor and searches of ESOP company websites.

See our lists of ESOP companies at NCEO.org, updated for 2023